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agm - operation


  • Rich Experience in City Operations, Responsible for P&L.
  • Manage and control pick up operations for locations assigned, manage a team of zonal mangers to ensure monthly, quarterly and Annual targets are achieved.
  • Ensure Implementation of defined processes across the Operations team,  Innovate and Improve the processes to optimise for performance based on goals of the organisation.
  • Consumer complaints to be handled and solved, Assess the capacity readiness for pan in line with the short term and long-term business plans and work with Zonal Managers to highlight and bridge the gap.
  • Ensure training mechanism for the entire team including third-party partners.
  • Work with the Business head to ensure dynamic business goals are met and timely recruitment and placement takes place to cater to the growing demand.
  • Analyse Rider performance metrics for better customer and merchant experience like on-time delivery, completion%, escalation% and drive supply team for controlling parameters and conduct RCA for improving them.
  • Coordinate with the team and work towards transparency of information flow from the ground up and ensure the technology and processes are in line with the requirements of Manpower to achieve the desired company objectives.
  • Ensure the required support, tools, and infrastructure is available to the Team to carry out their duties effectively.
  • Pan performance review on a weekly and monthly basis.
  • People Management – Team building, Manage Attrition,  Run retention programs for Riders in a cost-effective manner,  Run exercises for filtering delivery executive for non-adherence to the quality standard
  • Build efficiency in support processes for improving Rider experience.
  • Ensure proper leads assignment to partners and partner management in terms of process and performance.
  • Resolve Rider issues within specified time.
  • Design the payout and incentive structure.
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