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A Partner is someone who is associated with EringPro as a business partner and helps to complete a transaction at EringPro using the Partner Mobile Application provided by EringPro.

“Partner APP” is a mobile based application, enabling the Partner to view, accept and complete the device pickup requests shared by EringPro within the geographical region/service area assigned to them.

Let us take you through the process in brief in below steps:

1. A customer who intends to sell his/her used electronic gadget like smartphone, laptop, tablet, DSLR, smartwatch, earbuds, etc. takes a quote of his electronic gadget on and places an order with EringPro, along with a desired pick-up date and slot time as per their convenience.
2.EringPro shares the details of the gadget, its conditions and the quoted price on Partner app and expects the partner to accept the order.
3. A partner has the right to accept or not to accept the order on the Partner app.
4. Once the partner accepts the order, complete details of the customer with address, mobile number and email id are passed on to the partner.
5. The partner will have to contact the costumer and then go to the customer doorstep as per the date and slot time chosen by the customer, for picking up the device and completing the transaction at EringPro.
6. Once the order is completed, the partner is now the new owner of the device and he is free to sell the same in the after market and make decent profit from the same.
7. EringPro only charges a very small amount of commission per completed order from the partner.

The responsibilities of the EringPro Partner will be as under :-

– Communicate with customer as EringPro partner and not as any individual person
– Properly inspect the device at customer’s location and if required, do a correct re-evaluation on the Partner app and offer the best price quoted by the Partner app.
– Pay the amount decided by EringPro to the customer and complete the transaction.
– Collect proper documentation from the customer i.e. ID proof, Original bill (if available) and other relevant documents
– Follow ethical business practices as per the standards and protocols set by EringPro

If you feel you want to join hands with EringPro as a Marketplace partner, kindly help us by giving the details below so that our team can get in touch with you and take this ahead.

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